STEM Project - Formula 1

June 2017

Beth and Jo decided to combine their subjects Science and Maths to create a Formula One based project for the students. Over a course of four weeks the students looked at speed and power of formula one cars - they calculated the speeds of various drivers from the 2014 Monaco Formula One. We also looked at the design of Formula One cars and they completed their own research into them. They also looked at stopping distances of cars and did their own hazard perception tests. From aspects of Physics such as Newton’s Laws and speed calculations from Maths – it was a collection of these subjects that created this project. All students took part in the activities – but would like to specially congratulate the students that completed the full work pack: Jonathon Crosbee, Tommy Black, Mikey Hope, Abdul Ahmed, Curtis Doughty and Dan Scott. These students were then taken out for their own version of high speed racing with Go-Karting at Wessex Raceway.