In line with other schools we are planning to open full-time from September, however, there has been a need to alter the timings of our day for the interim period due to staffing restrictions at ‘pinch points’ during the school day and the need to keep all of our staff and students safe. Should government advice change then this will be reviewed appropriately.

Whilst we are hopeful that a further closure will not be necessary, we will be making some changes to the way students at the WASP centre will learn, with a greater emphasis on ensuring key skills are prioritised and have systems in place to ensure learning can continue seamlessly in the event of a local full or partial lockdown.

Due to the size of our provision and the number of staff and students returning to school this term, we have taken the decision to class the whole school as one ‘bubble’. This will mean that in the event of a confirmed case of Coronavirus within the setting (either staff or student), the school will close and switch to our virtual platform for teaching and learning. More information regarding this can be found in our COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Response Plan which is on our website. 

To ensure the safety of all students and staff, the hygiene practices that were in place before the summer will remain in place, the procedures for arrival, departure and movement throughout the school are detailed below.
Arrival: On arrival/entry at school, students are asked to wear face coverings; students will be told to sanitise their hands and have their temperature taken and logged; only then will students be able to remove their masks, which we will either be disposed of accordingly (disposable masks) or stored hygienically until the end of the school day or until next required. Please ensure that your child does not bring numerous personal belongings to school with them. Students will also be asked to remove outdoor clothing on entry to the building. 

Movement around the site: Current at day of writing, our risk assessment stipulates that there will be no need for staff or students to wear face coverings onsite, other than on entry. This will be reviewed on a daily basis as per our ‘Trigger Points’ and communicated to parents should advice change. Classrooms, learning spaces and common areas have been set up to ensure that social distancing can be adhered to; in the event that social distancing cannot be adhered to, staff will wear face coverings. 

Behaviour: Our main aim is to educate your child on the risk of coronavirus transmission and the need to keep everyone within our setting safe. In light of this, an addendum has been added to our behaviour policy. This is to ensure that our response to the coronavirus outbreak emphasises keeping all staff and students safe. 

Continuous refusal to adhere to social distancing or follow instructions regarding the control measure which are in place, without question will result in a sanction, and you will be contacted and asked to collect your child. 

Attendance: As we are sure you are aware, attendance at school is now compulsory. Failure to ensure your child is in school will result in our previous attendance measures, including possible referral to the Educational Welfare Service. Please see the attached parent support leaflet for further guidance. 

Visitors: We are currently not excepting any visitors onsite unless it is absolutely essential. Please ensure we have up-to date emergency contact details. 

Coronavirus symptoms: Please do not send your child to school if they or anyone they live with is experiencing coronavirus symptoms, and instead follow official self-isolation guidance. Regular reminders will be given about this.

Anyone self-isolating with symptoms must access testingand engage with the NHS ‘test and trace’ process;the school will help you to do this.

If a symptomatic person comes into school or becomes symptomatic whilst they are at school, they will be sent home immediately or isolated until they can be picked up. Please ensure that either yourself or another responsible named adult can be contactable throughout the school day.

Only in exceptional circumstances will staff take symptomatic children home themselves.

If a student or staff member tests positive for coronavirus, the school will close (both sites) and all students and staff will be sent home and advised to self-isolate for 14 days. In this event, the school will contact the Local Health Protection Team, informing all persons that have had close contact. 

Close contact means:

Direct close contact – face-to-face contact with an infected person for any length of time, within a metre, including:

  • Being coughed on, 
  • A face-to-face conversation, or
  • Unprotected physical contact (skin-to-skin)
  • Proximity contact – extended close contact (within 1 to 2 metres for more than 15 minutes) with an infected person 
  • Travelling in a small car with an infected person

As a parent you may well be anxious about sending your child back to school, however, our team will be happy to talk to you about how we are working to keep everybody safe.