The WASP Centre holds the study of mathematics to high esteem, understanding its usefulness in future opportunities and its ability to improve mental health – “Engaging a specific part of the brain during mental math exercises is connected with better emotional health” according to a new brain-scanning study published by Duke researchers in the journal Clinical Psychological Science. The WASP centre has to maths teachers, Carol and Beth, who encourage students to recognise how maths can be applied to ‘real life’, develop their confidence in numeracy and instil a love of problem solving.


All students can access a maths GCSE, both for foundation and higher exams, allowing for various pathways into Key Stage Four:

  •       629: a pathway for grades six to nine. This is a one year rolling program, that focuses on teaching basic skills within higher multi-step problems. The qualifications that can be achieved include GCSE higher level maths, AQA level 2 further maths, and an Edexcel award in statistical methods.
  •       Core Curriculum: this is our main cohort. This is a two-year program that is part of the National Curriculum. On this pathway a foundation level GSCE can be achieved, as well as the same Edexcel award of the 629 path. The topics are also linked to other subjects across the centre, including: science, money & finance and various vocational courses so students can see the value of Maths outside of the classroom.
  •       Applied Skills: maths is an incredibly useful subject in both day-to-day life and in a professional context, and the basic numeracy skills taught will help students overcome problems in both situations. In addition to the qualifications of Core Curriculum, this pathway will also offer AQA Function skills awards.


The WASP Centre follows the Key Stage Three National Curriculum with the aim of re-integrating students back into mainstream education, preparing them for their Mathematics GCSEs, introducing them to exam techniques and consistently practising their numeracy skills.

Our goal is to support each student in achieving the appropriate qualifications for their next step in post-16 education, whether that be opportunities with apprenticeships, gaining life skills and numerical confidence. Whilst improving their understanding of aspects of life such as finances, data management and organisation. At the WASP Centre we see the potential in every student and tailor their learning to the way best suited to them, knowing that every student is an individual and have individual learning needs.