Our Ethos

The WASP Centre is a place where young people can learn through supportive interaction, experience and success.  We aim to provide a safe environment for both young people and staff so that the emphasis can be placed upon growing, learning and fulfilling the potential that exists.  We are committed to improving the life chances of our young people by removing barriers to participation and achievement.  Our intention is to create and continually develop a secure, inspiring and responsive environment where each young person is supported holistically to enable them to take ownership of their lives, their learning and their decisions.

The WASP Centre aims to ensure the education and care that children receive is tailored to meet their individual needs and is designed to give them the skills and resilience to improve their life chances. We aim to support the progress of learners enabling them to gain both practical skills and qualifications for future pathways.  The development of the learner’s personal integrity, self-respect and citizenship is central to all work.  We aim to instil in each young person an understanding of their inherent value and the value of others and to enable them to go on to live in the world as resilient independent people.