Pivotal Behaviour

At The WASP Centre we use ‘The Pivotal Approach to Behaviour Management’.                                     

Our Centre Manager - Jo Rowell, has undergone significant training over the last two years to become a Pivotal Behaviour Instructor; with the aim to dramatically improve behaviour training for all staff by inspiring, motivating and creating measurable change in behaviour, relationships and learning.  

Humiliation in any form plays no part in the Pivotal Approach. Learners are respected, regardless of their behaviour. Therefore, adult behaviour will never be compromised by learner behaviour. Adults strip out all negative emotion/response when dealing with challenging behaviour.

Recognition replaces reward. The Pivotal focus is on pride not prizes. Recognition systems are not individual but collective. Learners are interdependent.

We do not believe our students are ‘behaviour problems’; they need a different approach to that that they received in their previous setting. One that is not based on a set of increasingly large sanctions; therefore, staff and students have structured restorative conversations; eliminating or reducing the occurrence of detentions, isolation, physical restraints or punitive punishments.

Since the introduction of the Pivotal Approach we have seen a dramatic decline in overall incidents, SLT call-outs and exclusions. A key philosophy of Pivotal Behaviour is ‘Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast’. We have been working hard on developing our own culture and we are hopeful to continue this practice by helping our students to play their part in making the most of their education at The WASP Centre.