Remote Schooling

The WASP Centre will be using Microsoft Teams as the portal through which all aspects of home schooling will be accessed.  Microsoft Teams is built into the iPads that have been issued to students, however it can also be accessed on any internet enabled device, desktop or laptop, mobile device and even through most gaming consoles, as an alternative.

Alongside the iPad and stylus, students will also be issued with other practical materials for them to use in some lessons.  Art kits have already been sent home and specific equipment for some home science experiments will be distributed when required.

The Teams platform should already be very familiar to students as it has been used in school for some time. Instructions for logging into the platform are outlined below.  Once logged in, students will be able to access their existing email account, folders (through Microsoft OneDrive) and Office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

All students will follow the same timetable whether in school or learning from home. Lessons will be delivered remotely by teachers for the majority of lessons.  This will be a combination of face-to-face teaching, recorded lessons, links to external content (such as Oak National Academy) and other online tasks.  

Students are expected to behave and contribute in the same way they would in school. They join the lesson by going to their Calendar on Teams and clicking on the lesson. Please ensure that students log-in within the first five minutes of each lesson. Late arrivals may not be able to join the lesson. Students must not take photos/screenshots at any stage in any lesson and students who interrupt the learning of other students in lessons will be removed from the session and parents/carers will be informed. 

Attendance registers will be taken for each lesson and recorded centrally. If a student is unable to login due to technical difficulties, please inform the school immediately.

The Teams platform will also enable students to access live pastoral support.

Using WASP Centre iPads

The iPads issued to students have been used in school for some time so should be set up exactly as students are used to.  All iPads are managed remotely and only the apps that the school approves will be downloaded to the device.  To use the iPads, students must be logged in using their school AppleID in the device Settings.  This may not necessarily be the same as the Pupil email address.  Please contact the school if the iPad is not working as expected, if the problem cannot be rectified remotely, we will arrange for a device exchange.

Accessing Microsoft Teams

All students have a Microsoft Office licence linked to their @waspcentre email address.  Please contact the school if your child needs a reminder of their email address or password.