THRIVE supports children with their emotional health, well being and social skills, all of which are needed to enable learning to take place. Children cannot always put their needs into words, but the way children behave can tell us a lot about how they are feeling. For some children there may be an obvious reason why they need extra support. This might be due to bereavement, family break down or an identified medical condition such as ADHD. For others, there may not be any obvious trigger as to why they are finding some aspects of school and/or home life difficult.

For more details about the Thrive approach, click here.

At WASP, we have two fully trained Licensed Thrive Practioners: Jackie White and Angela Cansfield, forming the pastoral support team. Please contact them if you want to know more about how Thrive is used at WASP.

There are many ways in which parents can support with their child's social and emotional growth, and Thrive assessment score. Click on the links below for ideas on how you can support your child, as well as information on what Thrive can do for your child.