Further to the recent inspection of the WASP Centre, please find below, a brief summary of the outcome and judgements from the Ofsted team.  In particular, I would like to share with you some of the many positive observations made by the lead Inspector and captured in the report. I also want to thank parents and carers for the tremendous support that you have provided to us as a team at WASP.

Overall, the inspection report recognises that the school, having been open for little more than a year, is on a journey of improvement and we have completed the ‘hard work’ as the lead inspector put it, in terms of re-engaging young people in education. The over-arching judgement of ‘requires improvement’ therefore represents the current point in our development as a school. The clear and aspirational vision for the future of the centre is acknowledged and the lead inspector had obvious confidence in our ability to achieve that vision. 
The report talks about our staff’s passion and commitment to improve the life chances for all our young people and the fact that we provide a safe haven for our students. There is much praise for the quality of the staff at WASP, including the fact that they know students well and that young people at the centre respond well to the encouragement and feedback provided to them. The calm learning environment is highlighted, as is the fact that students expect to work and behave with a positive attitude. Students ‘engage well with their learning’ and their ‘self-confidence and awareness is evidenced through the displays in classrooms and corridors.’ There is praise for the good quality careers advice provided for students and for their own aspirations for future education, training and employment. Parents told the inspection team how much they appreciated the work of the centre, ‘in particular the caring and supporting staff.’  Parents also reported dramatic changes in their children’s’ attitudes to education, so that they were now making much improved progress in their learning. 
There is obviously much more detail in the report itself but our key areas for development are the following:
1.    Teaching and learning, in particular securing the very best quality of information from previous schools so that we can ensure that students are learning at the right level for them and that they are consistently challenged.
2.    Improving attendance at the centre; which in turn will improve outcomes for our students.
In addition, our Trustees will provide further support and challenge for the leadership team at WASP so that we are continually improving the provision and, most importantly, impacting positively on the life chances for our students.


Adrian Hart


Update:  The school was inspected by Ofsted on 9 July, where it was confirmed that the school meets the Independent School Standards in full.